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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SOULFUL BLOG: T-Wayne Is At It Again + Jerry Rice’s Lil Girl Wants To Sang

By SOHH Soul Rebel

I know I’m going to hear plenty of moans from those of you who think T-Pain isn’t a soul artist but I wanted to post his latest collabo with Lil’ Wayne. I like it, but it sounds kinda rough – like they just went in the studio and decided to play around.

“Can’t Believe It” T-Pain ft. Lil’ Wayne

What do you think? How many of you would cop a full T-Wayne project? How many would download it? Yeah I thought so.

A few weeks ago I got a chance to interview pop/r&b newcomer Qui, who just so happens to be the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice – she’s a trained singer and dancer who currently attends Georgetown University. She was very poised and polite during our convo. I’m going to post the interview closer to the album release later this summer but I wanted to give you guys a chance to hear her single “Rev It Up” which features David Banner.

Listen to the full song here:

And here’s a video with some more information on her

What do you think? Is Qui a hit or a miss?

SPORTS BLOG: Is A-Rod Banging Out Madonna!? Baron Davis Leaves Warriors For Clippers!

By SOHH Ballsy

Alex Rodriguez has a rep in New York for jetting out the Yankees’ locker room after games without talking to reporters. At first, everyone thought A-Rod was just a sensitive kind of dude, who didn't take criticism well. Then, peeps just labeled him an asshole.

But now and only now do we (allegedly) know the reason:

A-Rod’s been leaving quick to (allegedly) bang out Madonna, b!

That would also explain why he declined the invitation to participate in the Home Run Derby. He might be trying to get some more of that old, but toned ass.

I didn’t stutter, kid. Several media outlets are reporting that the Yankee slugger has been making late night visits to and sneaking out of Madonna’s Central Park West apartment for a minute now.

Wow. In today’s NY Daily News, Jose Canseco says A-Rod likes going in on dudes’ wifeys (Canseco already claimed Rodriguez hit off his wife) and trying to be like him. Shoot, Canseco already banged out Madonna way back in the day, SOHH maybe there’s some truth to this.

What’s crazy is both alleged cheaters are married. But rumors could be made about anything. I don’t know if I’m believing this one SOHH quick.

I mean, yes, A-Rod could be trying to pull a playboy DiMaggio move – breaking Madonna’s back like Joe D. did Marilyn Monroe way back when.

Or …

A-Rod could be just going to Madonna’s crib to show her his new frosty highlights that he got in his hair. That Menudo-ass, Ricky Martin motherf**ka! Maybe she’s showing him how to Vogue, ya never know.

A-Rod is a helluva player – might go down as the best to ever play the game – but there’s an LL Cool J (Peace to the G.O.A.T) ‘feeling myself too hard’ quality about him. Like Aries Spears said about LL, A-Rod is probably the type to rub some apricot jam all over his abdomen (pause) in the mirror, even with a female around.


Switching gears for a minute …

It didn’t take long for a prized free agent to say, ‘Gimme the loot, gimme the loot … I’m a Bad Boy!’

The AP is reporting that your man B. Diddy Baron Davis is on the verge of penning a five-year, $65 million deal with the CLIPPERS! Wow … the Clippers, B. Diddy! I f**ks with ya (pause), but the Clippers!? Damn!

I liked the movement he was creating with the Warriors, but I guess the money and playing for his hometown of Southern Cal was too much for homie to pass up. Now let’s see if the Clips could resign Corey Maggette and Elton Brand. Shows what I know … I was just saying Baron had to stay with the Warriors. Man!


VIDEO: From G's To Gents

Check out a sneak peek from VH1's new reality show. Find out how Fonzworth Bently, of P. Diddy Umbrella-holding fame, helps turn these "G's" into gentlemen.

SOULFUL BLOG: Please Don’t Go Alicia! Keys Retirement Rumors Raise An Important Question – Go Out On Top or Keep Trying Until You Flop?

By SOHH Soul Rebel

If you read Hot Press today you probably noticed the rumor that Alicia Keys is considering retiring in the next three years. Being a huge fan of her work, that’s pretty disappointing – she’s hugely talented and only seems to be getting better (c’mon, admit she has stepped up all aspects of her performance game with this last album) with each project.

Alicia’s Old School Reunion Performance @ 2008 BET Awards

Alicia has evolved so much with every project, from “Girlfriend” to “You Don’t Know to “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”

Imagine where she might be at in the game in another three years?

With that said – is it best to exit the game when you’re on top or to keep performing as long as you still got it? With that said – are there any people who come to mind who should just call it quits already? I know there are plenty of folks who have been saying Janet should hang it up (I disagree, but that’s just me!).

DIRTY BLOG: Monster Mixtape: Florida And Texas Collide, Bigga Rankin and Keke Present - Only The Strong Survive, Bun B Selects New Single

By Dirty

Lil Keke was and still is one of the original “Kings of the South”. I say this because before there was all this major label promotion, 360 contract ventures, publicity stunts, and the internet you really had to travel town to town pushing your music until the whole south caught it and certified it. Keke is a part of that legacy. He’s one of the original SUC (Screwed Up Click) members. He had one of the biggest southern anthems of all time “Southside”.

Man if you don’t know bout this song you know nothing about classic hip-hop. Notice the dance the “Southside”. We ain’t changed down here brah. We didn’t change our style to keep up with the times. We are time. We still doing us. Showin naked ass on you fools. If you never been to a Texas party then you are lost at this point. What a pity, and you call yourself a hip-hop head. LMAO What up Pimp! (I felt the spirit. What?!)

Well now he’s hooked up with one of the number1 street Djs in the south for his next Real N*gga Radio Mixtape Series. This one is definitely a must have for the south side hip-hop lover. Check it out here courtesy of DaPiff.com

This song to me was sleeped on but I think is because a lot of new djs don’t know how to rock they party wit all kinds of southern music. They’re following the charts, but put this on around any group of G’s and watch the reaction. (Hint) Young Djs you play this at 9:30 when people still walking in the club before you get it crackin to set the tone for the night. (you can thank me later)

Bun B has selected his next single and man will this video and song be a main event. You can play this every Saturday morning for the rest of your life and I bet you’ll never grow tired of it. History in the making. Act like you know.


NEWS: Travis McCoy Arrested For Assault, Beat Man For Calling Him An “Ignorant N*gger”

By Cyrus Langhorne

Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy was arrested last night at a show in St. Louis, Missouri after assaulting an audience member who made an intentional derogatory statement to him.

Performing on the Vans Warped Tour, McCoy was charged with third-degree assault. According to Rolling Stone, the altercation occurred immediately after performing their first song “Peace Sign” when a black audience member towards the front allegedly yelled, “f*cking ignorant n*gger.”

Responding to the statement as security removed the man, McCoy asked, “What did you just call me” and followed by breaking his microphone upon the disgruntled fan’s head. After the action was made, the lead singer quickly apologized for his reaction and tried reasoning with the crowd.

“I’m sorry,” he said. But when someone calls you something that ignorant and that offensive, you have to bash their head in with a microphone.”

Arrested onstage at the end of his performance, McCoy was released earlier today on $500 bond. As of now, police have not released the victim’s name.

HH4PREZ BLOG: What Happens When The Kool Aid Wears Off

By Biko Baker

In ten years historians will look back on this week and will declare that it is was a ground breaking week for Barack Obama. And nope, it won't be because the junior senator from Illinois picked a running mate or because "Young Berry" delivered another one of his trademark speeches. This week was important because for the first time it became clear to many of his die hard supporters that Barack Obama might not be all that progressive.

From the FISA Bill to his support of Bush's faith based initiatives to his willingness to throw Wesley Clark under the bus, this week Obama has proven that we won't be right (no pun intended) on every issue. In fact after this week it's becoming clear that he is going to be wrong a lot more than we would like him to be.

Of course the truth is that we really don't need Obama to be on the right side of the issue all of the time. Nor should we really expect him to be. After all skeptics in the blogosphere have been hacking away at him for months, claiming that his voting record has been spotty at best.

At the end of the day, as young progressives we really just need Obama to be accountable to us most of the time and the rest of time it's going to be up to us to push back and fight with the him. After all it's going to be our vote that gets him in the office. We shouldn't be afraid to roll up or sleeves.

But I have to be honest, I am starting to wonder if our generation has "the sand" to consistently stand up to Obama when strays from the progressive path. After all, so many of my friends, family and former coworkers have drunk so much of the Obama Kool Aid that I some times wonder if they can still see straight. I mean, it's all right to love your candidate but young activists shouldn't be naïve. Obama is going to continue to be tempted to move toward the center, especially if he wins on November 4th. We just can't follow him there.

NEWS Update: Sean Bell Case Headed Back To Court

By Cyrus Langhorne

A New York judge has called upon all representatives involved in the 2006 shooting of Sean Bell to return to court this month to settle the wrongful death suit filed by his fiancée.

According to New York’s Daily News, U.S. Magistrate Judge Roanne Mann is requiring a rep from each person who took part in the horrific slaying of Bell including the detectives who were cleared of the criminal charges. The decision comes as a response to Assistant Corporation Counsel David Hazan’s June 27th written request to further the case.

“It would be more efficient and would save the parties significant resources if, at this juncture, the parties pursue avenues other than discovery to resolve this case,” he wrote.

Refusing to comment on what this decision will mean to Bell’s fiancée, Nicole Paultre-Bell, her lawyer Sanford Rubenstein did state that the federal government’s involvement was vital.

“What’s important to the victim is the federal government’s investigation into federal civil rights violations, which is ongoing,” he said.

As of now, their involvement began last April when detectives Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora, and Marc Cooper were acquitted. Despite the ruling, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has previously stated that the fatal shooting “sounds like excessive force”.

All representatives are scheduled to appear in Brooklyn Federal Court on July 16th.

NYC BLOG: DAMN DUNN! "A Milli" Tracks Are Being Leaked From Nas' New Album

By SOHH Reckless

Let me get "Breathe," "Black President," "N.*.G.G.E.R," "Ya'll My N*ggas," "Sly Fox," "We're Not Alone," a bucket of "Fried Chicken," and a side order of Zshare to go, please.

Whoever is slowly leaking Nas' album is on some bullsh*t. From what I understand there are rumored to be fifteen songs on Nas Untitled, which is slated for release July 15th, and I've already named seven from the top of my head just by seeing them floating around online. By the time the 15th gets here, how many more of his songs will be available for free download?

Isn't this why Lil Flip, Lil Scrappy-- or whichever one of those corny rappers-- sued their record label? It's a well known fact that if your album gets leaked, most of the time it's because someone at the label is behind it.

Let me find out someone is trying to further sabotage Nas' project. Isn't it enough that he took a swallow of ether by being forced to change the name of his album? Well it's clear that since the concept of the album hasn't changed, someone isn't satisfied... especially since the cover art is nearly stronger than the n-word itself. And they're determined to weaken the album's success in every way.

And by the way. Someone brought "http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=26921864&albumID=883526&imageID=1416047"

this to my attention (view with caution). And with this in mind I'm having feeling that Nas' album isn't going to do what he hoped it would.

YA HEARD: Lil' Wayne Acting Hollywood? [Blind Item] Which Rapper Can't Get It Up? Pharrell Losing The Ink

By SOHH Streetz

Has Lil' Wayne gone Hollywood? That’s the new buzz in the rumor mill today. From what I’m hearing Wayne is pissing off his Canadian fans by pulling a no show. Apparently he failed to show up at his first stop at Montreal’s Tribe Hyperclub, as well as didn’t show up at the other place he was scheduled to host at that night in Montreal. And now, I’m told that he has cancelled all the rest of the Canadian dates.

Check out all the details below.

My blogging sista Natasha over at the YBF.com posted the following email she claims she got from a disgruntled fan:

"Yesterday June the 29th, I went to a club named Tribe Hyperclub, Lil’ Wayne was to perform and host the event. The tickets the first day were 20$ and it went up every day some people I know even paid 150$. Me and my girls grabbed a table upstairs for 1500$. The club was packed everybody was all dressed up, but Lil’ Wayne never showed up. Today when I went on your page I saw that Lil’ Wayne performed in South Florida over the weekend. I think this was a scam I don’t even know if Lil’ Wayne was really coming, apparently one of the reasons he did not make it was because he was and I quote “too f*cked up”. Throughout the whole night we heard bouncers saying that Weezy was stuck at the border and another one said he was on the plane. I want to sue the organizers on the ground of false advertising since they never delivered what they had told us."

Could this simply be just a misunderstanding or is Wayne about to become one of those entertainers? I’m surprised that Wayne could get across the border. Isn’t he a felon? I’m just asking a question.

I got a juicy blind item for you all today. Think you can figure out who it is?

“This bi-polar acting rap figure may be lashing out at everybody because his constant drug use has made him impotent.
He's violent, unpredictable and goes in unprovoked rages. His significant other is very scared of him and often locks herself in a room to avoid his temper tantrums.
It's not uncommon for him to put a beatdown on a woman at the drop of a dime.
He's a big mess and is currently undergoing a meltdown. The drugs have him paranoid and jumpy.

Escorts consider him an easy trick because he can't perform but in the past, he always tried to blame the girl, saying, "you're not sexy enough." But, he finally came to the conclusion; it's not them because it keeps happening, regardless of the girl.

This once respected man has become a shell of himself.”

I think I know who it is.

It looks like Pharrell has caught a case of the grown man. I hear that the super-producer and supposed fashion icon has grown tired of his tattoo’s and is about to pay a ridiculous amount of money to have them removed. Apparently he has signed up to undergo a new method of erasing them - which involves scientists growing skin grafts in a lab.

For the young bucks of the world who want to get their body marked up, make sure the images you select are timeless and bare significance because in most cases you’re stuck with them.

Got A Hot Tip: thestreetzalwaystalk@gmail.com

NEWS: Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Entangled In Lawsuit Over Wages

By Brandi Hopper

Jay-Z and his New York 40/40 club are being dragged into court in a class action lawsuit alleging the hotspot didn’t pay overtime or minimum wage.

A New York judge has ordered the club to turn over names of all employees over the past three years so they can be notified and potentially join the suit, according to the New York Post.

Former employee Celeste Williams is spearheading the charges.

"This is a good day for restaurant workers all over the city," said her lawyer, Maimon Kirschenbaum.

Between 10 and 20 past and present 40/40 bartenders, waiters and other workers are already on board, according to Kirschenbaum.

He won’t know how much money they are entitled to until he’s able to completely access 40/40’s records.

Reps for Jay-Z have yet to comment.

HOT PRESS: Alicia Keys Calling It Quits, Young Jeezy Reveals His Break-up W/ Keyshia Cole, Amy Winehouse Cracks On Kanye West

By SOHH Soul Rebel

Hot off the press this week Alicia Keys plans on “Fallin’” out of the public eye, Young Jeezy tells Keyshia Cole to “Let It Go,” Amy Winehouse disses Kanye West and the American Idols get knocked up and married.

30’s The New 60
Have Alicia Keys tell it, 30 is the prime age for retirement. The multi-platinum singer and actress reportedly admitted she’s considering bowing out of the entertainment industry in a few years. The 27 year-old winner of multiple Grammy’s has taken breaks from the limelight in the past to recuperate from her hectic lifestyle, including one 2006 trip to Egypt, but now Keys says she’s working as much as possible so that she can sit back and relax in the near future.

“I am working hard now so I have the choice to retire when I want. I would like to travel the world and stay in places instead of having to move on like I do now. I want to experience different cultures.”

Rebel Talking… Call a doctor, Alicia sounds like she’s caught a minor case of Beyonceitis!

Thug Lovin’
Atlanta rap star Young Jeezy covers the August issue of Vibe magazine, the publications first ever all rap edition. However, in the pages the thugged out rapper touches on a little R&B, opening his trap about his past relations with songstress Keyshia Cole. While word on the streets is KeyKey proposed to the Snowman with a ring in hand, only to have him turn her down – Vibe has released the following quote from Jeezy in their press release for the issue:

“To be honest, it was more what she wanted. She was cool and we had a cool friendship. The media made it out to be something crazy. We kicked it. We hung out. Thing is, you can’t be cool with somebody you wanna be cool with [without the media thinking it’s a relationship]…I was grown enough to tell her, Look baby, that isn’t what it is right now.”

Rebel Talking… Damn Keyshia, Jeezy had to let you down easy?

Wise Crack
Amy Winehouse must have been smoking that good ish this weekend, because while opening up for headliner Jay-Z at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in the UK she opened her crack rotted mouth to rank on Kanye West – telling the audience:

“At least I’m not opening for a c*ck” like Kanye.”

Kanye quipped back on his blog, “This just in… Amy Winehouse hates me!!! Now I’ve really made it!!!”

Rebel Talking… What kind of f*ckery is this? They’re both completely nuts. I give up.

Stars Just Like Us
It’s been a week of ups and downs for the "American Idol" alums. After riding the highs of being chosen to play Celie in Broadways “The Color Purple” "American Idol" winner Fantasia has been dropped by her management, 19 Entertainment – the company owned by "AI" producer Simon Fuller. Sources say the company decided to part ways due to ‘creative differences.’” Fanny doesn’t seem to be taking it too hard though, she was spotted partying it up with boyfriend Young Dro and members of Xscape this week for her 24th birthday.

Another famous "AI" alum Paris Bennett, aka Princess Paris recently revealed that she is pregnant. Only 19 years-old, Paris is also rumored to have “a ring on her finger” although her baby’s daddy reportedly prefers to stay out of the public eye.

Meanwhile Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, who was formerly signed to J Records, married Surata Zuri McCants at Canterbury United Methodist Church in his hometown of Birmingham, Ala. Studdard met McCants in October 2006, when he was signing CDs at a Wal-Mart in Atlanta. He followed her and asked her for her number and the rest is history.

Rebel Talking… I guess you really can get anything at Wal-Mart.

While you were watching the new Bangladesh/Ne-Yo video for “A Millie” we were getting inspired by Christina Milian’s bikini body while enjoying the latest from Kardinal Offishall.

NEWS: Max B Signs W/ Amalgam Digital, Says Jim Jones’ Wife “Touched It In Miami”

By Cyrus Langhorne

Former member of Jim JonesByrdGang, Max B, has signed a three-album deal with the hip-hop online company Amalgam Digital.

Mostly known for his frequent hooks and various appearances on hit records for Diplomat members Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones, Max will join the Amalgam Digital roster - which is currently home to Peedi Crakk and Joe Budden. The Harlem rapper, who also goes by The Silver Surfer, is best known for ghostwriting Jim Jones’ monster single, “We Fly High (Ballin).”

Expressing his excitement for the deal, Max explained his relationship with the genre specific digital store as being something out of the ordinary.

“Amalgam Digital is wavy like water,” he said. “We sooo wavy…. Ooooowwww!”

First up for the rapper will be his street release Public Domain III: Domain Pain (The Album) this summer that will precede the debut album Vigilante Season on the Amalgam Digital label. A third untitled album is expected to follow and will only be made available via the company’s website.

Each album will be entirely produced by Dame Grease known mostly for his work with artists like DMX, Nas and Freeway.

In related news, Max was recently seen on a YouTube video sparking some controversial statements against Jones.

“Shout-out to Chrissy, I love you baby,” he laughingly said. “She touched it in Miami. That’s Jim Jones wife by the way, oh yeah.”

Public Domain III: Domain Pain (The Album) hits stores on August 5th.

NEWS: Tyrese In A Death Race In New Summer Movie

By Cyrus Langhorne 

Grammy-nominated singer Tyrese Gibson is returning to the big screen this summer in the upcoming blockbuster flick Death Race.

According to a press release from Universal Pictures, the Transformers star will act alongside the film’s protagonist Jason Statham, who portrays a Nascar champion framed for his wife’s murder.The futuristic film will be set in a prison where inmates will compete against each other to their deaths in televised matches. 

With the help of Tyrese’s character and others, Statham will go through a gruesome three-day challenge against malicious criminals, equipped with a monster cars decked with machine guns, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers, to win his freedom. 

The film will also feature appearances by Joan Allen, Ian McShane, and Natalie Martinez

Death Race hits theaters August 22nd, 2008.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NYC Blog: The Game Is A New York D*ckriding Cornball

First off, Game's new song is iight. And although it's highly credited for paying homage to many of rap's best, it's still his regular d*ckriding performance. Nothing new at all.

Read this stupid ass story he told MTV:

"We were both going to New York once on a flight. It was in the midst of the scuffle when I was just brain-dead in hip-hop, doing whatever. Not listening to nobody. Just going in [like a] chicken with his head cut off. Busta stopped me [in the airport]: 'Son! I don't like what you're doing. I don't!' Just walks off. Ironically, me and Bus were sitting next to each other on the flight. Me, I'm joking, punching him the whole time. 'Son, stop punching me. I'm reading my book!' "

"It was a five-hour flight to New York. I was mad. Five-hour flight. It don't take five hours to read XXL. 'This is me, Bus.' He just stared at me, didn't say nothing."

Finally, once the flight landed, Rhymes left his friend with some parting words: "Be safe out here. I don't like what you're doing!" According to Game, Busta just walked off after that and that was the last time they spoke to each other for quite some time.

"He didn't talk to me for a year. I calmed down. Seen Busta at the BET Awards in Atlanta. He said, 'Son! I like what you're doing. "One Blood"! You back.' I got a hug from Bus. The reunion."


Punching him? This dude's a cornball. This is the same rapper that was walking around Harlem's 125th Street with his nose up in the air, madd arrogant and uppity, and being mean to the kids in Foot Locker. And then suddenly he was broadly smiling in Busta's face with all 32 teeth, salivating, and his eyes wide yelling out "notice me!" But this isn't surprising coming from a rapper who once had a butterfly on his face and who mentions Jay-Z and every other rapper he can think of in every one of his songs. He's what you call an industry d*ckrider. And this corny story just reiterates that.

Didn't The Game once tell SOHH that it was in Hov's best interest to push back his album because he was dropping around the same time? Yes he did. LMFAOOOO.

And by the way, I'm not surprised at Busta's cold shoulder. I'm surprised he didn't tell him to shut up and f*ck off.

SOHH Exclusive: Benzino Thinks The Internet Is Killing Hip-Hop


By Cyrus Langhorne

With a recent influx of online rap wars, SOHH caught up with infamous, former Source magazine big wig and current Hip-Hop Weekly publisher Raymond "Benzino" Scott to talk about his thoughts on the Internet's impact on the industry.

Speaking on the net's role in such battles as the YouTube war between Soulja Boy and Ice-T and the 50 Cent and Young Buck taped conversation, Zino believes these actions are hurting the state of hip-hop.

"I think people use it irresponsibly - artists as well as consumers" he said. "Their intention starts getting off the music."

Zino thinks the main problem stems from the anonymous users making controversial statements and not showing their actual image or age.

"The Internet is something that nobody knows who anybody is," he argued. "People that answer blogs [and] people that comment, I mean, nobody really knows who these people are. Everybody can have an opinion, but if you have an opinion, stand by it. Put your face out there. Let it be known who you are."

Yet the ex co-owner of Source did admit the net can offer a positive impact if used properly.

“It’s really about people understanding that [it] can be used to further your career independently, to help promote your career without having to pay all this money to the [record labels],” he added. “If used right, it could be a great tool, but people use it wrong.”

In related news, Benzino, the rapper, is prepping an upcoming album. The Boston native, who is more well known for his skills in the magazine world, feels as if his rap abilities have grown much grown stronger in recent times.

“I stepped my shit up 100 percent, lyrically,” Zino revealed to SOHH. “I feel a lot of motherfuckers out there can’t even fuck with me. I don’t think I’ve ever said that in my life, this might be my first interview—but it’s only because I stepped up my shit. I put in hours in the studio. I’m not one of these niggas that just watch BET and think he can rap. I’m not no battle rapper, I make songs.”

As of press time there is no release date for Zino’s upcoming project.

SOHH Exclusive: Lil' Wayne's Video Director Gil Green "Shoots The Money Shot"

By: Danica Dow

After selling over a million records in one week, Lil' Wayne continues the promotion of his new album, Tha Carter III, by shooting a video for his second single, "Got Money," which features T-Pain. In this SOHH Exclusive we talk to the video's director, Gil Green.

“We just wrapped [with] Lil’ Wayne [and] T-Pain,” said Green. ”[It] is gonna be the biggest video ever. It’s taking over the game. [Wayne] already took over the game last week but now he’s really taking over the game.”

Green, who has worked with Flo Rida, Young Buck, Mario and DJ Khaled, also directed the video for Weezy’s first single, “Lollipop.” He predicts that this video will top the first.

“People are going to feel that he’s larger than life. We’re taking Lil’ Wayne on another level,” he said. “We took up one step with “Lollipop” and we’re gonna take him on the next step with this one, “Got Money.”

“It’s gonna remind you of some old expensive video from back in the day when you see this and the lights… wow. I can’t talk too much about it but it’s gonna be crazy.”

Though Green declined to provide any more details about the video, according to URB.com, the concept centers around a bank robbery complete with an armored truck, curvaceous crooks, police officers and, of course, lots of cash.

In related news, T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne are in talks to collaborate on an upcoming album. At the 2008 BET Awards the rapper ternt singer donned a, “T-Wayne,” t-shirt that hinted at the possible collabo.

HH4Prez: Hey Kool Smokers, Black Politicians Are After Your Cancer Sticks

I just came across this post at the nytimes.com. Apparently, the Congressional Black Congress is on a mission to stop negroes from smoking grits. Ok not just any 'grits…but menthol laced grits. Read The Story Here

I mean I don't smoke, unless you count my occasional (ok not that occasional) inhalation of Black and Milds, but I am not sure how I really feel about this. I guess their point is that Menthols are a especially nasty type of cigarette.

It also doesn't help that:

Menthol is a racially charged additive, in part because of the tobacco industry'sheavy marketing of mentholated cigarettes to African-Americans since the 1950s. The flavor helps to mask the harsh taste of cigarettes and may make it easier to start smoking,

Menthol brands account for 28 percent of the $70 billion American cigarette market. While only 25 percent of white smokers choose menthol cigarettes, an estimated 75 percent of African-American smokers do.

I mean call me a Libertarian, but I think folks should be able to smoke as much as they want. After all if you want to turn your lungs a nasty shade of doo doo brown that's up to you.

Don't get me wrong, I think smoking is a nasty ass habit and the sorcerers at the tobacco companies shouldn't pitch their smoke sticks to kids and unsuspecting negroes , but I don't think politicians should be legislating on what people do with their bodies.

Sports Blog: LeBron James Loves New York (Especially Brooklyn), NBA's Top Free Agents!

NBA free agency begins today and it’s open season for a bunch of nice players. But you know what’s crazy?

Even though the free agent crop includes cats like Elton Brand, Gilbert Arenas, Baron Davis, Corey Maggette and James Posey, all anyone is talking about is LeBron James being a free agent in two years.

Mind you Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be free agents too, but LeBron is on everyone’s lips (HEAVY PAUSE). I think part of that is really because LeBron is fueling and feeding into these rumors of him playing for New York.

Case in point, when ESPN.com asked King James his favorite borough yesterday:

"My favorite borough? Brooklyn," James said. "Brooklyn is definitely a great place here in New York City, and some of my best friends are from Brooklyn, so I stick up for them."

Damn, Hov … do you really got it like that!? While I don’t think LeBron would sign to Brooklyn simply because of his friendship with Jigga, the relationship will definitely factor in.

If I’m the Nets organization though, I’m trying to rush the move from Jerz to Bk as soon as possible, ya diiig? If the Nets aren’t in Bk, then LeBron ain’t coming. Simple as that.

LeBron understands fans in New York are dreaming to have him be their star, telling ESPN that it’s their right:

"They have a right to dream about it, and I can't take that away from them. My friendship was way before Jay was part-owner of the Nets, and I loved the Garden way before I got to the NBA," James said. "For some reason when I get to the Garden I always play well, so they want me to do it 41 games instead of just two nights a year."

Maaaan, LeBron would really be King of New York if he signs here (i.e. Fall back Hov, Nas, 50, Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Eli Manning, etc).


As for the other free agents, these are my predictions:

Elton Brand – Man, opting out of your contract at this point is just strategy, tactics if you will, and Elton Brand is the perfect example of that. He’s a great player, but let’s keep it funky – dude is damaged goods, injured off and on. He’s going to re-sign with the Clippers because that’s the only squad that will pay him what he wants.

Gilbert Arenas – The Wizards did the smart thing by resigning Antawn Jamison yesterday (4-year, $50 million), SOHH, I have reason to believe Agent Zero will stay in D.C. Then again, though, dude is finicky, SOHH he could make it interesting.

Baron Davis – B. Diddy should and will stay in Golden State, unless the Knicks can get him (then forget that other ish about the Warriors being the best look for him).

Corey Maggette – Now, here’s a free agent I think is leaving. A change of pace would be good for dude too.

James Posey – Celtics would be smart to re-up on dude. He hit some daggers in that Finals, boy. Ask Kobe (tell me how my ass tastes).


News: Soulja Boy Strikes Sneaker, Clothing Deal


By Brandi Hopper

The rapper who had an entire generation and then some cranking that to his No. 1 single is about to try his hand at dressing the same crowd.

Soulja Boy will join forces with renowned Dallas graffitti artist and Yums sneaker designer, Tex, to put out his own signature shoe with the label’s Block Star line of sneakers, according to PR Newswire. The two will also design street-oriented clothing for Yums Shoes.

"The shoes and clothing line allow the wearer to express his or her personality, because each shoe is an individual piece of art,” said Yums CEO, JP McDade. “Soulja Boy Tell'em will be able to assist in designing shoes and apparel exactly the way he would want them to look. And with Interscope's considerable marketing savvy, we expect this effort to be our biggest, most far-reaching yet."

But super-producer Mr. Collipark hinted at even bigger things poppin’ on the horizon for the young rapper.

"We are very excited and have high expectations for this opportunity and future Soulja Boy Tell'em endeavors, including movies and television," he said. Soulja Boy is signed to Collipark Music/ Interscope Records.

Not everyone’s as impressed. As SOHH previously reported, Soulja Boy has recently been embroiled in a YouTube war of words with OG rapper Ice-T, who accused him of single-handedly killing hip-hop.

News: Young Jeezy Hits The Big Screen, Stars in New Ice Cube Flick


By Brandi Hopper

Young Jeezy recently sealed his first role in a major motion picture, with a part in Ice Cube’s upcoming flick, Janky Promoters.

The comedy, which is Cube’s first screenplay since 2002’s Friday After Next, will feature Cube along with Jeezy, comedian Mike Epps and actor Terry Crews.

Jeezy plays the “big name hip-hop act” who a pair of shady concert promoters, played by Cube and Epps, try to book for a show. Hilarity follows as the janky promoters face the neighborhood nemesis, Mondo who has Cube’s son -- played by young comedian Little JJ -- under contract.

In other Jeezy news, the rapper who has spoken out for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said in a recent Vibe interview he’s down with republican nominee John McCain.

The two met during an appearance on Saturday Night Live last month.

"No disrespect to my man Barack, but I fuck with John McCain. He greeted me like a god," he said. "The fact that he acknowledged me was crazy. I said, 'I'm Young Jeezy, and it's rough out here.' He blew me off at first. I was like, 'Nah, for real. It's rough out here, so what you gonna do to change it?' . . . And he gave me a look back, like, 'I know.'"

Jeezy is gearing up for his forthcoming third major album, The Recession which features the smash “Put On” featuring Kanye West.

ATL Blog: Ludacris Reacts To MTV's "Hottest MC In The Game" List, And It Ain't Pretty [Video]


When MTV dropped their annual Hottest MC’s In The Game list I did notice that one name was missing. However, since I always tend to pump my fists for DTP I decided to just fall back from pointing it out. But luckily for me and the other Ludacris fans of the world Luda is sticking up for himself.

MTV caught up with the southern rap star and he made it extremely clear that he’s one of the best in the game….PERIOD! Check it out below:

Ludcaris does have a point. No disrespect to Cliff, but when he was locked up and dealing with his drama Ludacris was keeping his nose clean, and was being featured on several tracks.

True most of them didn’t do anything, but he was still recording. SOHH to not give homie an honorable mention on that bullsh*t ass list was a disgrace to the list itself.

Was that dramatic?

Talk to y’all lata,

--SOHH Gyant


Ya Heard Blog: Noreaga Is Larger Than Life, 50 Cent, Yung Berg, Busta, Three Six Mafia Take Over Your TV

If anyone was wondering where the hell Noreaga’s been I’ve found him.


It looks like he’s been holding up a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Click below at your own risk!


Yeap! That’s all him y’all. Fella’s if you need anything more vivid than this to get your lazy, drunken asses up and hit the gym then you’re hopeless.


For those of you who stayed glued to the tube here’s the listing of all the hip-hop acts that are hitting the TV this week.

Yung Berg, visits 'Total Request Live' on Monday.

G-Unit, visits 'TRL' on Monday as well.

Three 6 Mafia, will perform on 'TRL' on Tuesday.

Busta Rhymes, visits 'TRL' on Tuesday.

News: Method Man Says Don't Blame Soulja Boy's "Garbage" For The State Of Hip-Hop


By Cyrus Langorne

Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man has weighed in his opinion on the Soulja Boy and Ice-T conflict saying the young rapper is unfairly being blamed for the current state of hip-hop.

In a recent interview with Phoenix radio show “The Nutz In The Morning,” Meth began the discussion by paying homage to Ice-T and using the rapper’s legendary status in hip-hop as a reason not to address Soulja Boy’s YouTube comments.

“Ice-T is an O.G. He shouldn’t even be addressing nuttin’ like that, but he felt like it was his duty to address it for the love of hip-hop and all of that and I respect that,” he said. “But him being at the status that he’s at, he shouldn’t address someone like Soulja Boy, nor should Snoop Dogg.”

Continuing his argument for the unfair comparison, Mr. Tical said it was the media’s portrayal and commercialism given to the “Crank Dat” rapper that made him the target of criticism.

“If he wasn’t put out there like that, like he was the truth, I don’t think anybody would have a problem with him like that because lyrically he’s not the truth,” Meth said. “It’s not a secret, he’s a shorty. What life experience does he really have where he can sit down and go up with a Nas or a Lil’ Wayne, for that matter? It is what it is, man. These kids like him, so be it. Don’t hate on the lil’ nigga, congratulate him.”

Before ending the phone conversation, Meth made sure to clarify his statements and reveal his true feelings for the southern rapper.

“And don’t get me wrong, you,” he said. “I’m not biggin’ up Soulja Boy, I’m just saying. I think the nigga suck, too. I think he’s garbage, but I don’t think everybody should be blaming him for the state of hip-hop right now. You can’t just put that all on his shoulders, for real. It’s not solely his fault, man.”

Soulful Blog: Akon Asks MJ to Hold His Hand, Ray J Gets Tipsy With Danity Kane + Diddy Premieres New Day 26 Video

Akon ft. Michael Jackson “Hold My Hand”

I know technically it was supposed to be Akon’s song with Michael guesting, but I was hoping that it would sound more “MJ” and less Akon. While Michael definitely makes his presence felt, it’s pretty much your typical Akon joint.

The 25th Anniversary edition of Thriller, released earlier this year, had bonus track remixes featuring Akon, will.i.am, Fergie and Kanye West. In my opinion, some of them worked, and others didn’t. Mike is rumored to be working on a new album – who do you think he should steer clear of and who should he work with? All I have to say is – please don’t break out the auto tune Michael!

Ray J Esplains + Danity Kane Get Tipsy

I guess Ray J was eager to clear up the reports he was booted out of a DC Hyatt for having drugs because he posted the following YouTube recently:

He also addressed rumors of a Danity Kane sex tape by posting a video of him hanging with Aubrey and D.Woods (and later Wyclef). You can tell the ladies have had a few drinks.

Between this, and JD’s Life in 1472 YouTube channel, I’m convinced that it should be considered a dangerous weapon – particularly in the hands of artists. Anybody else think they played themselves with this one?

I haven’t posted anything about Day 26 in awhile, and I’m hearing the group is struggling so I figured I’d give them some light. The rumors must be true because Diddy made a point of premiering their most recent video “Since You’ve Been Gone” this weekend on his Diddy.com video blog.

Personally I think it’s a big improvement over the last song and video – “Got Me Going.” I know y’all peep Dawn appearing as Q’s love interest. What do you think about the video? How many of you actually picked up Day 26’s album?

Talk to me y’all!

Monday, June 30, 2008

News: Hot 97 Personality Miss Jones Replaced By Big Boy, Peter Rosenberg Talks New Morning Slot


By Cyrus Langhorne

New York radio personality Miss Jones will be leaving popular hip-hop and R&B station Hot 97 as her show "Miss Jones In The Morning" is being replaced by the nationally syndicated program "Big Boy In The Morning."

According to Billboard, the decision was recently announced when Hot 97 Program Director Ebro Darden released a statement supporting the power move to bring in the well-known West Coast radio personality.

"Big Boy has an unmatched reputation for being entertaining--he also has great relationships with artists," Darden wrote. "Putting Big Boy on Hot 97 in New York City helps keep the high standard of radio happening for us."

In addition to national acclaim within hip-hop, Big Boy has won various awards including seven consecutive Radio & Records "Personality of the Year" wins and four Radio Music Awards. Distributed by ABC Networks, his show is syndicated in over 30 markets.

"Big Boy In The Morning" will run from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday and feature regulars like MTV Entertainment reporter Luscious Liz, Tattoo and others.

Prior to the new show kicking off, Hot 97 radio personalities Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg will also get a daily program together as they're set to debut with Big Boy on July 21st from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.

SOHH caught up with the comical Rosenberg to get his input on how the promotion to day time radio is going to affect his morning routine.

"I've never been a big waker-upper, but to be honest--I grew up wanting [and] dreaming of doing mornings in New York City, so it's like, I don't think about it," he admitted. "To know the influence you have on people's lives, you know for someone who grew up wanting to do radio and hip-hop, it couldn't get any better."

He also explained his intention for keeping the show consistent to their current Saturday morning program's feel and any possible names the show may have.

"I'm not sure, but as of right now I'm pretty sure we're just running with "Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg." We're not gonna be called 'The Big Wacky Morning Show'. We're just gonna keep it moving like we have been. Different time slot and more frequent, but it's going to be a similar vibe."

Promising more guests are likely to appear on the show compared to the duo's weekend program, Rosenberg also gave the scoop on how he found out about receiving the new gig.

"We didn't really know ahead of time," he said. "I got congratulatory e-mails from people at the station and then I showed up and everyone was giving me a thumbs up. Obviously we've been doing the show for a long time so we've always hoped that we would do more--and before we knew it, that was it."

News: Nas Teams W/ Fila For New 80s Style Clothing Line


By Cyrus Langhorne

Multi-platinum selling rapper Nas has signed a one-year deal with sportswear company Fila that will feature the emcee in their products and co-creating a clothing line resembling the late 80's fashions.

According to Billboard, the partnership will benefit both parties. Nas will receive financial support with his print and television advertisement campaigns and upcoming tour, while vast numbers of fans will see Fila worn by the highly respected Queens, New York rapper.

Despite refusing commercial deals in the past, Nas' decision to accept this one comes from admiration he has had for the company since his days with slain friend Ill Will.

"My best friend Will and I loved Fila," Nas revealed. "It represented prestige and everything that was cool to us. When Will passed, we buried him in a black Fila sweat suit, so doing a deal with them has a lot of significance for me."

Showing support for the power move, Fila president John Epstein respectfully acknowledged the perception of rappers selling out when doing commercial deals and how Fila shares the same goals as Nas.

"One of my executives spotted Nas shopping in our Manhattan store and struck up a conversation with him," Epstein said. "Nas isn't interested in selling out. He's interested in being true, and that fits with our brand."

Nas' untitled Def Jam release is scheduled to come out July 15th.

News: DMX Busted In Drug Sting


By: Brandi Hopper

DMX is as it again. Just days after being arrested for driving dirty in Miami, the troubled rapper was caught in a drug sting last week.

X (born Earl Simmons) was brought down in a stealth narcotics investigation when he tried to cop cocaine and marijuana from an undercover, according to TMZ. He asked for "30 powder and 15 weed," and handed over $45 cash before the Miami-Dade officer took him down.

X was just cuffed June 23 for driving with a suspended license, one of several traffic violations for the rapper as of late.

He was hit with seven misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and four felony drug possession charges on May 9 and on May 7, charges of racing on a highway, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment, three counts of criminal speed and driving on a suspended license.

News: Kat Williams Replacing Dave Chappelle At Comedy Central?


By: Thomas A. Harden

Comedian Katt Williams is on the verge of sealing a deal with Comedy Central for his own sketch comedy show as well as a special.

According to Variety, Williams is close to inking a deal with Comedy Central for a pilot that he willstar in and executive produce, along with Jeff Golenbery and Michael Green, anda special for his It's Pimpin' Pimpin'tour.

The special, which was shotduring the Washington, D.C. stop of the tour, is the part-three continuation ofWilliams' highly successful PimpChronicles franchise. To date, the tour ranks as one of Pollstar's top livecomedy acts of 2008, generating $17 million in ticket sales and half a millionticket-buyers since it launched in January.

In 2006, Kat Williams: Pimp Chronicles Part 1 garnered 3.6 million viewerswhen it aired on HBO, making it thecabler's top-rated comedy special that year. Part 1 and his American Hustle series have sold acombined 1.2 million DVD's.

American Hustle, premiered on Comedy Central in January andincluded combined scripted sequences of the funnyman's 2007 tour footage. Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Jeremy Piven made appearances in thespecial.

In related news, William's has been tapped to star in John Whitesell's upcoming movie, Mission: Intolerable, a workplace comedy about a temp agency that hires out a "temp from hell." Williams will play awannabe CIA agent who starts his own temp agency designed to get unwanted employees to quit their jobs.

ATL Blog: Poppin Or Floppin' Video Of The Week: T.I. "No Matter What"

Yes we were down but can’t nothing hold us back. Slowly we will be getting back to the number one position. But in the meantime let’s talk T.I.—a man who knows a thing or two about bouncing back from adversity.


His new video dropped for “No Matter What” and I’ve selected it for this week’s poppin’ or floppin’ video. Check it out below.

I’m not going to lie, I really don’t know how I feel about this. I mean it’s kind of boring if you ask me. I mean they could’ve used so many flashback sequences of the all the hoopla of his trial with the insane media coverage and everything.

They could’ve thrown Gyant in the video when he said “to let the blog sites and magazines tell it….[LOL]” There were SOHH many creative angles that could’ve been taken, but I digress.

It’s still good to see the “King” doing his thing. But what do you guys think?

Oh and here’s a rumored leak off the new album Paper Trail titled “Louis Rag”

I didn’t even bother to listen to it. I am SOHH over the swag movement.


Oh and before I forget …….

Big Kuntry is gearing up for the release of his new album. And here’s a sneak peek off his new video with Trey Songz. Check it out.

Shout out to Terrence “Snake” Hawkins.

Talk to y’all lata,

--SOHH Gyant


Ya Heard Blog: Amy Don't Fux With Kanye, Ricky Ross Denies Engagement To Foxy Brown! Plus, Faith Evans Is SOHH HOOD!!

Oh how I have missed my blogging buddies and haterz alike. As you know we got hit hard by a certain group who will never be mentioned on this site again, and as a result I haven’t been able to blog – and the most important part gossip – with you guys. SOHH lets get into it.


Apparently Amy hasn’t been spending all her time snorting the blow because at a recent performance she took some time out to aim a zinger at Kanye West. Apparently she thinks of the Midwest MC as nothing more than a c*ck. I am not sure if that’s an insult or not, the jury is still out on that one.

Last week I talked to you all about Foxy Brown and Rick Ross’ alleged nuptials. However, it seems like those rumors are just that…..rumors. I hear Ricky made it perfectly clear that the only thing he’s married to is his money. It seems the “credible” hip-hop rag Hip-Hop Weekly tried to drum up some buzz for their mag by running with the story.


I hear that Foxy Brown is seeking legal counsel and could possibly be looking to sue.

I bet you ten bucks that the “engagement” story was an undercover leak where both parties could mutually benefit. Foxy, we ain’t dumb girl.

My girl Myra Panache just put me on to some beat down information compliments of a new tell all book about Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace.


Did y’all know that his wife at the time Faith Evans would beat b*tches down when she would catch them up on her man? Check this out:

Biggie once called from the road and Faith heard a girl in the background. Faith got a babysitter and caught the next plane out. She went straight to the hotel room and knocked. A female asked, who is it? The girl cracked the door open and Faith kicked her way in the room and beat the shit out of the girl. She punched the girl over 30 times in the face.

Damn. I mean I can’t say that I’m surprised, but still….Damn!

Got A Hot Tip: thestreetzalwaystalk@gmail.com

Soulful Blog: Miss Jones Tsunami'd By Hot 97, JC Swagger Jacking Lloyd? R. Kelly "A Milli" Freestyle

Hot 97 morning show hostess Miss Jones has been given the boot. Known for chastising some of your fave r&b stars like Keyshia Cole and Danity Kane, and more infamous for her culturally insensitive remarks (“Tsunami” song anyone?) the popular New York station has finally opted to cut the washed-up singer from their roster. From what I hear Big Boy will be making the leap from LA’s Power 106 to take over the reins from Jonesy.

If you’re into old school R&B you probably remember her work. [Peep This]

I got the following video via email today and I’m glad I did because I love this song but I thought it was Lloyd singing until I got the video.

JC ft. Gorilla Zoe “Nobody Gotta Know”

Anybody else think homie sounds like Lloyd? On another note, it’s good to see folks getting creative with the videos again. The notes on this one say it’s themed after the newest Bond Casino Royale film. What do you think about this one?

Frequent Soulful contributor DJ Parler is spinning tonight in NYC alongside DJ’s Stimulus, mOma, Dhundee & Take5ive at 105 Rivington on the Lower East Side. No cover, entry at doorman’s discretion.

Naptown you should be happy to hear the latest “A Millie” remix – courtesy of Chi-Town’s favorite urinator. If you’d like to hear it, here it goes:

That’s it for me today – what do you think about Miss Jones getting pink slipped? JC’s video? The King of R&B’s “A Millie”? Talk to me y’all!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Soulful Blog: Danity Kane Links Up W/ Prima J, New Soulful Mix

Danity Kane are taking a tour across Six Flags and my favorite chicas Prima J are opening up for them. Dates are below:
Thursday, July 3, 2008 Atlanta, GA
Thursday, July 10, 2008 St. Louis, MO
Thursday, July 17, 2008 Baltimore/DC
Thursday, July 24, 2008 San Antonio, TX
Thursday, July 31, 2008 Dallas, TX
Even though Friday is long gone I still gotta give you the mix, this week coming via Digiwaxx. This digital download mixtape features new music from Estelle, John Legend and Andre 3000, Santogold, Tanya Morgan, Talib Kweli and CRACC. Its mixed by rising New York DJ sensation GETLIVE and hosted by LYRICIST LOUNGE co-founder ANT MARSHALL and features cover art by FRESH DAILY of AOK.
Download it here - http://www.zshare.net/audio/14000233443df220/

6/27 - Kanye West’s Mother’s Surgeon No Longer Allowed To Practice Medicine


By Cyrus Langhorne

Dr. Jan Adams
, the man responsible for operating on Kanye West's mother's surgery last fall, which ultimately led to her passing, has lost his California medical license due to late child support payments.

According to TMZ, Adams was notified in a letter from the California Department of Consumer Affairs on May 21st which said he had 30 days to pay his child support to prevent from losing his license to practice. Failing to do so resulted in him losing his right to legally operate in the state. A rep from the Medical Board released a statement yesterday confirming the loss.

"As of midnight last night, he is not allowed to practice medicine in California," it read.

Responsible for the failed cosmetic surgery on Donda West last November, Adams has a history of malpractice allegations including a DUI in 2006. Medical Board Executive David Thornton claims Adams has "multiple convictions for alcohol-related offenses," and requested that his license be revoked or suspended.

However, a settlement was reached concerning the disciplinary actions that would be enforced by the medical board. It was still under review when Donda received her last operation by Adams.

Despite losing his license in California, he may still be re-instated once all payments are addressed.