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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SOULFUL BLOG: Please Don’t Go Alicia! Keys Retirement Rumors Raise An Important Question – Go Out On Top or Keep Trying Until You Flop?

By SOHH Soul Rebel

If you read Hot Press today you probably noticed the rumor that Alicia Keys is considering retiring in the next three years. Being a huge fan of her work, that’s pretty disappointing – she’s hugely talented and only seems to be getting better (c’mon, admit she has stepped up all aspects of her performance game with this last album) with each project.

Alicia’s Old School Reunion Performance @ 2008 BET Awards

Alicia has evolved so much with every project, from “Girlfriend” to “You Don’t Know to “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”

Imagine where she might be at in the game in another three years?

With that said – is it best to exit the game when you’re on top or to keep performing as long as you still got it? With that said – are there any people who come to mind who should just call it quits already? I know there are plenty of folks who have been saying Janet should hang it up (I disagree, but that’s just me!).

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