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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

YA HEARD: Lil' Wayne Acting Hollywood? [Blind Item] Which Rapper Can't Get It Up? Pharrell Losing The Ink

By SOHH Streetz

Has Lil' Wayne gone Hollywood? That’s the new buzz in the rumor mill today. From what I’m hearing Wayne is pissing off his Canadian fans by pulling a no show. Apparently he failed to show up at his first stop at Montreal’s Tribe Hyperclub, as well as didn’t show up at the other place he was scheduled to host at that night in Montreal. And now, I’m told that he has cancelled all the rest of the Canadian dates.

Check out all the details below.

My blogging sista Natasha over at the YBF.com posted the following email she claims she got from a disgruntled fan:

"Yesterday June the 29th, I went to a club named Tribe Hyperclub, Lil’ Wayne was to perform and host the event. The tickets the first day were 20$ and it went up every day some people I know even paid 150$. Me and my girls grabbed a table upstairs for 1500$. The club was packed everybody was all dressed up, but Lil’ Wayne never showed up. Today when I went on your page I saw that Lil’ Wayne performed in South Florida over the weekend. I think this was a scam I don’t even know if Lil’ Wayne was really coming, apparently one of the reasons he did not make it was because he was and I quote “too f*cked up”. Throughout the whole night we heard bouncers saying that Weezy was stuck at the border and another one said he was on the plane. I want to sue the organizers on the ground of false advertising since they never delivered what they had told us."

Could this simply be just a misunderstanding or is Wayne about to become one of those entertainers? I’m surprised that Wayne could get across the border. Isn’t he a felon? I’m just asking a question.

I got a juicy blind item for you all today. Think you can figure out who it is?

“This bi-polar acting rap figure may be lashing out at everybody because his constant drug use has made him impotent.
He's violent, unpredictable and goes in unprovoked rages. His significant other is very scared of him and often locks herself in a room to avoid his temper tantrums.
It's not uncommon for him to put a beatdown on a woman at the drop of a dime.
He's a big mess and is currently undergoing a meltdown. The drugs have him paranoid and jumpy.

Escorts consider him an easy trick because he can't perform but in the past, he always tried to blame the girl, saying, "you're not sexy enough." But, he finally came to the conclusion; it's not them because it keeps happening, regardless of the girl.

This once respected man has become a shell of himself.”

I think I know who it is.

It looks like Pharrell has caught a case of the grown man. I hear that the super-producer and supposed fashion icon has grown tired of his tattoo’s and is about to pay a ridiculous amount of money to have them removed. Apparently he has signed up to undergo a new method of erasing them - which involves scientists growing skin grafts in a lab.

For the young bucks of the world who want to get their body marked up, make sure the images you select are timeless and bare significance because in most cases you’re stuck with them.

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