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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Soulful Blog: Akon Asks MJ to Hold His Hand, Ray J Gets Tipsy With Danity Kane + Diddy Premieres New Day 26 Video

Akon ft. Michael Jackson “Hold My Hand”

I know technically it was supposed to be Akon’s song with Michael guesting, but I was hoping that it would sound more “MJ” and less Akon. While Michael definitely makes his presence felt, it’s pretty much your typical Akon joint.

The 25th Anniversary edition of Thriller, released earlier this year, had bonus track remixes featuring Akon, will.i.am, Fergie and Kanye West. In my opinion, some of them worked, and others didn’t. Mike is rumored to be working on a new album – who do you think he should steer clear of and who should he work with? All I have to say is – please don’t break out the auto tune Michael!

Ray J Esplains + Danity Kane Get Tipsy

I guess Ray J was eager to clear up the reports he was booted out of a DC Hyatt for having drugs because he posted the following YouTube recently:

He also addressed rumors of a Danity Kane sex tape by posting a video of him hanging with Aubrey and D.Woods (and later Wyclef). You can tell the ladies have had a few drinks.

Between this, and JD’s Life in 1472 YouTube channel, I’m convinced that it should be considered a dangerous weapon – particularly in the hands of artists. Anybody else think they played themselves with this one?

I haven’t posted anything about Day 26 in awhile, and I’m hearing the group is struggling so I figured I’d give them some light. The rumors must be true because Diddy made a point of premiering their most recent video “Since You’ve Been Gone” this weekend on his Diddy.com video blog.

Personally I think it’s a big improvement over the last song and video – “Got Me Going.” I know y’all peep Dawn appearing as Q’s love interest. What do you think about the video? How many of you actually picked up Day 26’s album?

Talk to me y’all!

1 comment:

nahshon said...

Day 26 really got some talent. I think people sleeping hard on them. But thats reality TV. People know too much about them. That robert ish from the show made them look a little lame. BITCHASSNESS!!! LOL!! Good album tho