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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DIRTY BLOG: Monster Mixtape: Florida And Texas Collide, Bigga Rankin and Keke Present - Only The Strong Survive, Bun B Selects New Single

By Dirty

Lil Keke was and still is one of the original “Kings of the South”. I say this because before there was all this major label promotion, 360 contract ventures, publicity stunts, and the internet you really had to travel town to town pushing your music until the whole south caught it and certified it. Keke is a part of that legacy. He’s one of the original SUC (Screwed Up Click) members. He had one of the biggest southern anthems of all time “Southside”.

Man if you don’t know bout this song you know nothing about classic hip-hop. Notice the dance the “Southside”. We ain’t changed down here brah. We didn’t change our style to keep up with the times. We are time. We still doing us. Showin naked ass on you fools. If you never been to a Texas party then you are lost at this point. What a pity, and you call yourself a hip-hop head. LMAO What up Pimp! (I felt the spirit. What?!)

Well now he’s hooked up with one of the number1 street Djs in the south for his next Real N*gga Radio Mixtape Series. This one is definitely a must have for the south side hip-hop lover. Check it out here courtesy of DaPiff.com

This song to me was sleeped on but I think is because a lot of new djs don’t know how to rock they party wit all kinds of southern music. They’re following the charts, but put this on around any group of G’s and watch the reaction. (Hint) Young Djs you play this at 9:30 when people still walking in the club before you get it crackin to set the tone for the night. (you can thank me later)

Bun B has selected his next single and man will this video and song be a main event. You can play this every Saturday morning for the rest of your life and I bet you’ll never grow tired of it. History in the making. Act like you know.


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