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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NEWS: Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Entangled In Lawsuit Over Wages

By Brandi Hopper

Jay-Z and his New York 40/40 club are being dragged into court in a class action lawsuit alleging the hotspot didn’t pay overtime or minimum wage.

A New York judge has ordered the club to turn over names of all employees over the past three years so they can be notified and potentially join the suit, according to the New York Post.

Former employee Celeste Williams is spearheading the charges.

"This is a good day for restaurant workers all over the city," said her lawyer, Maimon Kirschenbaum.

Between 10 and 20 past and present 40/40 bartenders, waiters and other workers are already on board, according to Kirschenbaum.

He won’t know how much money they are entitled to until he’s able to completely access 40/40’s records.

Reps for Jay-Z have yet to comment.

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