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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NEWS: Tyrese In A Death Race In New Summer Movie

By Cyrus Langhorne 

Grammy-nominated singer Tyrese Gibson is returning to the big screen this summer in the upcoming blockbuster flick Death Race.

According to a press release from Universal Pictures, the Transformers star will act alongside the film’s protagonist Jason Statham, who portrays a Nascar champion framed for his wife’s murder.The futuristic film will be set in a prison where inmates will compete against each other to their deaths in televised matches. 

With the help of Tyrese’s character and others, Statham will go through a gruesome three-day challenge against malicious criminals, equipped with a monster cars decked with machine guns, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers, to win his freedom. 

The film will also feature appearances by Joan Allen, Ian McShane, and Natalie Martinez

Death Race hits theaters August 22nd, 2008.

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