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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sports Blog: LeBron James Loves New York (Especially Brooklyn), NBA's Top Free Agents!

NBA free agency begins today and it’s open season for a bunch of nice players. But you know what’s crazy?

Even though the free agent crop includes cats like Elton Brand, Gilbert Arenas, Baron Davis, Corey Maggette and James Posey, all anyone is talking about is LeBron James being a free agent in two years.

Mind you Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be free agents too, but LeBron is on everyone’s lips (HEAVY PAUSE). I think part of that is really because LeBron is fueling and feeding into these rumors of him playing for New York.

Case in point, when ESPN.com asked King James his favorite borough yesterday:

"My favorite borough? Brooklyn," James said. "Brooklyn is definitely a great place here in New York City, and some of my best friends are from Brooklyn, so I stick up for them."

Damn, Hov … do you really got it like that!? While I don’t think LeBron would sign to Brooklyn simply because of his friendship with Jigga, the relationship will definitely factor in.

If I’m the Nets organization though, I’m trying to rush the move from Jerz to Bk as soon as possible, ya diiig? If the Nets aren’t in Bk, then LeBron ain’t coming. Simple as that.

LeBron understands fans in New York are dreaming to have him be their star, telling ESPN that it’s their right:

"They have a right to dream about it, and I can't take that away from them. My friendship was way before Jay was part-owner of the Nets, and I loved the Garden way before I got to the NBA," James said. "For some reason when I get to the Garden I always play well, so they want me to do it 41 games instead of just two nights a year."

Maaaan, LeBron would really be King of New York if he signs here (i.e. Fall back Hov, Nas, 50, Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Eli Manning, etc).


As for the other free agents, these are my predictions:

Elton Brand – Man, opting out of your contract at this point is just strategy, tactics if you will, and Elton Brand is the perfect example of that. He’s a great player, but let’s keep it funky – dude is damaged goods, injured off and on. He’s going to re-sign with the Clippers because that’s the only squad that will pay him what he wants.

Gilbert Arenas – The Wizards did the smart thing by resigning Antawn Jamison yesterday (4-year, $50 million), SOHH, I have reason to believe Agent Zero will stay in D.C. Then again, though, dude is finicky, SOHH he could make it interesting.

Baron Davis – B. Diddy should and will stay in Golden State, unless the Knicks can get him (then forget that other ish about the Warriors being the best look for him).

Corey Maggette – Now, here’s a free agent I think is leaving. A change of pace would be good for dude too.

James Posey – Celtics would be smart to re-up on dude. He hit some daggers in that Finals, boy. Ask Kobe (tell me how my ass tastes).



Anonymous said...

yall niggaz really need to get off lebrons dick. he aint leaving cleveland and when he resigns with the cavs, im goin to be laughin at all yall.

The Flying Fullback said...

Shaq killed it, 'Kobe couldn't do without me' plus the soon to be classic 'Hey, Kobe...tell me how my ass taste!' Lol!
4Rings v 3 Rings. Shaq won! Kobe's still that dude though.

As for Clipse, the only way Lebron stays is if he gets some help, you see the Celts, draft in KG & Allen ---> Championship!

LeBron aint winning shit with Big Z and the rest of the average players he carries. Can he get some help please?? A couple 15 points averaging players would be nice. In fact, looking at the free agents, Arenas and Davis would take the Cavs to whole new level. I fear Lebron might be like KG and only cop one championship or even worse, be the greatest player to never win a ring. The Cleveland management are doing a terrible job at managing such an elite franchise player.

Paz said...


SD said...

I can see him coing to NY. Why not? who wouldnt want to play in NY and be successful. There's a next level of stardom you get playing and being successful here. As Bill Walton said himself "the NBA needs NY to win" because it makes the league look better and tv rating's higher

Victor said...

like clipse said get the fuck off lebrons dick son. even if he do come to the knicks, he will NEVER be bigger than jeter or arod. this is a baseball town son.