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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NYC Blog: The Game Is A New York D*ckriding Cornball

First off, Game's new song is iight. And although it's highly credited for paying homage to many of rap's best, it's still his regular d*ckriding performance. Nothing new at all.

Read this stupid ass story he told MTV:

"We were both going to New York once on a flight. It was in the midst of the scuffle when I was just brain-dead in hip-hop, doing whatever. Not listening to nobody. Just going in [like a] chicken with his head cut off. Busta stopped me [in the airport]: 'Son! I don't like what you're doing. I don't!' Just walks off. Ironically, me and Bus were sitting next to each other on the flight. Me, I'm joking, punching him the whole time. 'Son, stop punching me. I'm reading my book!' "

"It was a five-hour flight to New York. I was mad. Five-hour flight. It don't take five hours to read XXL. 'This is me, Bus.' He just stared at me, didn't say nothing."

Finally, once the flight landed, Rhymes left his friend with some parting words: "Be safe out here. I don't like what you're doing!" According to Game, Busta just walked off after that and that was the last time they spoke to each other for quite some time.

"He didn't talk to me for a year. I calmed down. Seen Busta at the BET Awards in Atlanta. He said, 'Son! I like what you're doing. "One Blood"! You back.' I got a hug from Bus. The reunion."


Punching him? This dude's a cornball. This is the same rapper that was walking around Harlem's 125th Street with his nose up in the air, madd arrogant and uppity, and being mean to the kids in Foot Locker. And then suddenly he was broadly smiling in Busta's face with all 32 teeth, salivating, and his eyes wide yelling out "notice me!" But this isn't surprising coming from a rapper who once had a butterfly on his face and who mentions Jay-Z and every other rapper he can think of in every one of his songs. He's what you call an industry d*ckrider. And this corny story just reiterates that.

Didn't The Game once tell SOHH that it was in Hov's best interest to push back his album because he was dropping around the same time? Yes he did. LMFAOOOO.

And by the way, I'm not surprised at Busta's cold shoulder. I'm surprised he didn't tell him to shut up and f*ck off.


Hunter said...

Ehhh...this article is garbage. What's the big deal? A lot of people come ito the industry with a huge head and then realize that it's some stupid ego shit and then grow up.

I got no problem with a dude being humble and admitting that he was acting too damn wild.

And I also have no problem with MC's paying respect to other MC's.

Oh wait, I get it, ya'll want Hip-Hop to stay stuck in that bullshit beef mode, so you guys have some bullshit to write about.

...fuck outta' here. Get hacked again with that shit, b.

Bigup2bk said...

This must be you Reckless...lol. Damm, so the Klan got yall, huh sun.

Are you copping that TOS...LMAO.

I am. I step in some dog shit and i need something to scrape it off the bottom of shoes.

Welcome back, B.

Welcome back, SUN

wk said...

The cometary here is worse then the actual forums themselves. For a top hip hop website the replies are childish, corny, and all around poor. A journalist representing SOHH should do a better job.

Alan said...

Can i just say its great to see you guys back up and fighting.....i was shocked to see SOHH was hacked.....im not a big hiphop fan, but i do visit SOHH quite often for the forums.......its sad how some people have nothing better to do than to hate and hack......i and im sure many others hope you get who-ever done this!!

Alan / Australia

Bo said...

The Game has been finally exposed. Thank you SOHH. Anyone that has something to say against this comment or this article are nothing dickriding dickriders.

And no, I'm not wasting my money on Terminate on Sight, downloaded that boring ass redundant album 6 weeks ago.

I'm on NOBODY'S side...dig my speak.

YG Stanley said...

Word. Game seems to not name drop so much when he's makin' diss tracks. I swear I heard this Negro say my name in one of his verses! I don't even know dude!lol

Taylor said...


Carlos said...

Not to mention, when Game was asked if a certain lyric of his was a jab at Jay, He responded by saying that he would never take a shot at a legend. Then the other day he said he knows Jigga listens to his shit because he's responded in his own songs. This dude is a butterfly wearing, change of heart fuckboy. That flip flops on his own words, his own butterfly tats, and looks like a bitch on game shows.

ernest frazier said...

Sorry Reckless, you need more people. I guess if it isn't beef, it's d#ckriding. Game is one of the best mc's in a long time. He has respect for the past and the vets that came before him. There's nothing wrong with that.

Anirudh said...

DIs articles is fucked-up bullshit. D Game is d best rapper n G-Unit is M'fuckin shit. He aint a Dickriding cornball. Whoever wrote dat is a 100% dicksuckin bich.