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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NYC BLOG: DAMN DUNN! "A Milli" Tracks Are Being Leaked From Nas' New Album

By SOHH Reckless

Let me get "Breathe," "Black President," "N.*.G.G.E.R," "Ya'll My N*ggas," "Sly Fox," "We're Not Alone," a bucket of "Fried Chicken," and a side order of Zshare to go, please.

Whoever is slowly leaking Nas' album is on some bullsh*t. From what I understand there are rumored to be fifteen songs on Nas Untitled, which is slated for release July 15th, and I've already named seven from the top of my head just by seeing them floating around online. By the time the 15th gets here, how many more of his songs will be available for free download?

Isn't this why Lil Flip, Lil Scrappy-- or whichever one of those corny rappers-- sued their record label? It's a well known fact that if your album gets leaked, most of the time it's because someone at the label is behind it.

Let me find out someone is trying to further sabotage Nas' project. Isn't it enough that he took a swallow of ether by being forced to change the name of his album? Well it's clear that since the concept of the album hasn't changed, someone isn't satisfied... especially since the cover art is nearly stronger than the n-word itself. And they're determined to weaken the album's success in every way.

And by the way. Someone brought "http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=26921864&albumID=883526&imageID=1416047"

this to my attention (view with caution). And with this in mind I'm having feeling that Nas' album isn't going to do what he hoped it would.

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