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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

News: Soulja Boy Strikes Sneaker, Clothing Deal


By Brandi Hopper

The rapper who had an entire generation and then some cranking that to his No. 1 single is about to try his hand at dressing the same crowd.

Soulja Boy will join forces with renowned Dallas graffitti artist and Yums sneaker designer, Tex, to put out his own signature shoe with the label’s Block Star line of sneakers, according to PR Newswire. The two will also design street-oriented clothing for Yums Shoes.

"The shoes and clothing line allow the wearer to express his or her personality, because each shoe is an individual piece of art,” said Yums CEO, JP McDade. “Soulja Boy Tell'em will be able to assist in designing shoes and apparel exactly the way he would want them to look. And with Interscope's considerable marketing savvy, we expect this effort to be our biggest, most far-reaching yet."

But super-producer Mr. Collipark hinted at even bigger things poppin’ on the horizon for the young rapper.

"We are very excited and have high expectations for this opportunity and future Soulja Boy Tell'em endeavors, including movies and television," he said. Soulja Boy is signed to Collipark Music/ Interscope Records.

Not everyone’s as impressed. As SOHH previously reported, Soulja Boy has recently been embroiled in a YouTube war of words with OG rapper Ice-T, who accused him of single-handedly killing hip-hop.

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