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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

News: Method Man Says Don't Blame Soulja Boy's "Garbage" For The State Of Hip-Hop


By Cyrus Langorne

Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man has weighed in his opinion on the Soulja Boy and Ice-T conflict saying the young rapper is unfairly being blamed for the current state of hip-hop.

In a recent interview with Phoenix radio show “The Nutz In The Morning,” Meth began the discussion by paying homage to Ice-T and using the rapper’s legendary status in hip-hop as a reason not to address Soulja Boy’s YouTube comments.

“Ice-T is an O.G. He shouldn’t even be addressing nuttin’ like that, but he felt like it was his duty to address it for the love of hip-hop and all of that and I respect that,” he said. “But him being at the status that he’s at, he shouldn’t address someone like Soulja Boy, nor should Snoop Dogg.”

Continuing his argument for the unfair comparison, Mr. Tical said it was the media’s portrayal and commercialism given to the “Crank Dat” rapper that made him the target of criticism.

“If he wasn’t put out there like that, like he was the truth, I don’t think anybody would have a problem with him like that because lyrically he’s not the truth,” Meth said. “It’s not a secret, he’s a shorty. What life experience does he really have where he can sit down and go up with a Nas or a Lil’ Wayne, for that matter? It is what it is, man. These kids like him, so be it. Don’t hate on the lil’ nigga, congratulate him.”

Before ending the phone conversation, Meth made sure to clarify his statements and reveal his true feelings for the southern rapper.

“And don’t get me wrong, you,” he said. “I’m not biggin’ up Soulja Boy, I’m just saying. I think the nigga suck, too. I think he’s garbage, but I don’t think everybody should be blaming him for the state of hip-hop right now. You can’t just put that all on his shoulders, for real. It’s not solely his fault, man.”


Anonymous said...

This ia crazy! I love hip-hop as much as the next person and to be completely honest they ALL need to stop hatin on him. Everybody dont want to listen to "I used to sell a ton of brick and fucked a ton of chicks" all of the time! His music has a place and it has an audience. I sick of people saying what IS hip-hop.

Dont forget, when Cash Money came out folks were talking about the decline of hip-hop and that that wasnt "authentic" hip-hop cuz all they talked about was $$$$. Hip-hop isnt a stagnant genre. It's forever changing and evolving with the times.

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo sick of all the hate on Soulja Boy. His music has it's place an it's audience. Everybody dont wanna hear "I sold a ton of bricks and fucked a ton of chicks" all of the time! Thats the beauty of Hip-Hop, there's something for everybody.

Dont forget...when Cash Money first came out folks were talking about how this would be the death of Hip-Hop because all they rapped about was "how much money they had and how much more they were gonna get". Even with the introduction of the "R&B hook" people were saying how this would ruin Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop isnt a stagnant genre, it's constantly evolving and changing with the times. So let Soulja do him. He marketed himself and he succeeded.

Big -ups!!!!!