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Friday, June 20, 2008

News: Soulja Boy Responds To Ice-T Diss, "You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself"


By: Cyrus Langhorne

Replaying the audio from the late 80's rapper, Ice-T is heard saying "F*ck Soulja Boy. Eat a d*ck. This n*gga single handedly killed hip-hop." He also goes on to call the 17 year-old's music "garbage" and refers to him as "young enough to be my kid."

After the statements are made, Soulja Boy strikes back by looking up his Ice T's Wikipedia biography and making various references to his age and contradictory decisions he has made within his career.

"This n*gga Ice-T old as f*ck! This n*gga old enough to be my great grandfather. I Wikipedia'ed this n*gga, he was born in 1958. [He] claims he's from the West Coast, n*gga you were born in New Jersey, dawg," he laughingly said via his webcam. "Who is Ice-T, dawg? How you gonna make a song called ["Cop Killer"], and 35 years later your a** playing the police on tv, 'Law and Order'. This ain't no beef."

Continuing with the age references, Soulja Boy laughed at the possibility of fighting the rapper/actor and jokingly told him to fight his grandfather.

"You hit me, your f*cking arm gon' break. I'll let you fight my granddad dawg, the n*gga will knock you're a** out. You were born before the Internet was created--how the f*ck did you even find me? You [about] to drop an album, that's why you mentioned my name. "Superman" was last year, n*gga--get with the times you old a** n*gga."

Acknowledging Ice-T's contributions to the music industry, Soulja Boy explained his motivation for making a response and how the industry is not what it used to be during the early 90's.

"I swear, I respect everybody who started this--who opened the doors for young artists like me to get in to the hip-hop and music industry," he said. "I know Ice-T is a legend in the game and he's a veteran and all that, but n*gga once you tell me 'Eat a d*ck', and I hear that on the radio in my city--the reality behind it is that the game has changed. There's new and young n*ggas out and eating and nobody wanna hear that old sh*t no more."

Rather than adding more insult to injury, he decided to become more serious by questioning Ice-T's motivation behind his statements and asking him why he couldn't appreciate his situation coming from a poor background.

"The point we tryin' to get across is that you was wrong for that, man. Think about it in my shoes, man. This time last year dawg, I was poor as f*ck [living] in the hood, in the ghetto. If what you living is true, you would understand where I'm coming from. N*gga, I wasn't born rich. I worked to get this. I'm 17 years-old dawg, I worked hard for this sh*t."

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