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Friday, June 27, 2008

6/27 - Kanye West’s Mother’s Surgeon No Longer Allowed To Practice Medicine


By Cyrus Langhorne

Dr. Jan Adams
, the man responsible for operating on Kanye West's mother's surgery last fall, which ultimately led to her passing, has lost his California medical license due to late child support payments.

According to TMZ, Adams was notified in a letter from the California Department of Consumer Affairs on May 21st which said he had 30 days to pay his child support to prevent from losing his license to practice. Failing to do so resulted in him losing his right to legally operate in the state. A rep from the Medical Board released a statement yesterday confirming the loss.

"As of midnight last night, he is not allowed to practice medicine in California," it read.

Responsible for the failed cosmetic surgery on Donda West last November, Adams has a history of malpractice allegations including a DUI in 2006. Medical Board Executive David Thornton claims Adams has "multiple convictions for alcohol-related offenses," and requested that his license be revoked or suspended.

However, a settlement was reached concerning the disciplinary actions that would be enforced by the medical board. It was still under review when Donda received her last operation by Adams.

Despite losing his license in California, he may still be re-instated once all payments are addressed.

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